The Programmes are HOT off the PRESS!!

23 04 2011

Finally, finally FINALLY the 2011 South Auckland Pacific Arts Summit programmes are OUT! Slightly behind schedule, the programmes will be finding their way to Libraries and Art Centres across South Auckland in the coming week!

If you’d like a programme mailed to you, drop Nicole Lim an email or call 09 271 6019.

Auckland Council’s Pacific Arts Coordinator for South Auckland, Ema Tavola explains what the Pacific Arts Summit branding is all about…

How did this poster image come about?

We have a great working relationship with The Kitchen Media – Edgar Melitao has designed almost all of Fresh Gallery Otara’s printed material since about 2008. I sat with Edgar and we discussed the programme, the kaupapa, the spaces, the new Auckland Council context – South Auckland and the uniqueness of our Summit. We wanted to evolve the 2010 brand and identity to something new but recognisable. A theme that has continued from 2010 is showing the faces behind the events – in 2010, I wanted to show the real people, who have achieved great things, and take South Auckland and the Pacific with them wherever they go.

The concept of this brown back / shoulder and applying the logo to the skin references the art form of tattooing, as a widely practiced art form in the Pacific. Abstractly it references the dedication and cultural strength represented in much Pacific art, and that people and culture are inextricable from the practice and appreciation of Pacific art, within Pacific contexts.

The other influence for this year’s poster is the photographic image used to promote  Gary Lee’s solo exhibition, gorgeousness, which opens at Fresh Gallery Otara as a core event in the Summit programme. This image is called “Shannon as Billiamook” (2004).

Look out for the Pacific Arts Summit poster around South and Central Auckland in the coming weeks!



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